Planet research

Since February 2004, the Health and Social work Research Laboratory (LaReSS) has been organising meetings on research issues in the fields of health and social sciences.

These forums make it possible to find out about the various research projects that are underway or have been completed and encourage collaboration and consultation in order to bring together the strengths and skills of all those interested in research. This helps to insure a tight collaboration between teaching staff and researchers in health and social training institutions.

Initially intended for HETSL employees, these meetings are now open to the public and to Romansh, Swiss as well as European speakers.

Anyone interested in presenting their research work can contact:

The Research Fabrique

The Fabrique de la Recherche enables the teaching and research staff of the HETSL train in the various aspects of research. The confrontation of ideas and scientific exchanges remain the most effective means of finding solutions to research-related issues. The Fabrique's mission is to share knowledge by bringing together people interested in research in the fields of social work and health.The Fabrique also

offers critical reading seminars to discuss articles ready for publication. Seminars for the critical reading of articles can be organised, on request, during the course of the year, for people who would like to benefit from a collective proofreading of their texts before submission to a journal.

As long as places are available and on request to one of the members of the scientific organisation, the workshops of the Fabrique are open to people from outside the HETSL.