What is the LaReSS ?

The LaReSS is an interdisciplinary research laboratory bringing together teaching and research staff in Social work and Occupational therapy from the University of Social Work and Health - Lausanne (HETSL), one of the sites of the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO).

Research advances theory, solves practical problems and informs teaching. The results are presented during symposiums in Switzerland and abroad and are published widely.

LaReSS also provides services, notably in the form of expertise and evaluation mandates. The most important financial supports for research conducted by the LaReSS are :

  • the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF/ FNS),
  • the BREF programme - "Social Innovation" of the Gerbert Rüf Foundation,
  • the International Foundation for Applied Research on Disability (FIRAH),
  • the Swiss Public Utility Society (SSUP),
  • the HES-SO,
  • as well as associations and administrations.

Several members of the LaReSS are involved in research conducted as part of the national research centre LIVES, Overcoming vulnerabilities, perspectives on the course of life (lives-nccr.ch).



The LaReSS also works to disseminate its research through publications in scientific conferences, professional journals and peer-reviewed articles.