Autism Spectrum Disorders Observatory (ASD Observatory)

ASD Observatory

As part of the network of competences "Social participation of people with neurodevelopmental disorders (Neurodev)", the Autism Spectrum Disorders Observatory (ASD Observatory) is a centre for research, analysis and evaluation of the situation of people with autism in French-speaking Switzerland. It carries out work on behalf of public services and user associations. Created by Evelyne Thommen and today under the supervision of Nevena Dimitrova, this centre collaborates with several Swiss universities, international research centres and networks of Swiss professionals.

In tune with the needs of people with autism as well as the requirements of international recommendations on good practice, the Observatory for Autism Spectrum Disorders is developing an applied approach aimed at implementing these international recommendations.

The Autism Spectrum Disorders Observatory tries to highlight the support practices for children and adults belonging to the autism spectrum both in terms of educational, pedagogical, professional and therapeutic supports.