Service Provision at the HETSL

Are you looking for :

an expert for training, supervision, survey analysis, evaluation, conference, colloquium, etc.?

We offer :

various services in our areas of expertise – Social work and Health - with a focus on social work and occupational therapy. Please do not hesitate to ask for an offer of services.


What services do we provide ?

Various journals, magazines and scientific journals make use of the skills, know-how and specialist knowledge of the teachers and researchers at the HETSL. They may be called upon to participate in :

  • editorial committees
  • Redactional committees
  • Publication reviewing
  • Reading committees (referee) and other expertise activities

The HETSL offers its support and active participation in the following journals in particular:


Call on the professionals of the HETSL to present conferences on different themes, according to their specialisation:

  • social practices - e.g. knowledge of disability, childcare for children in daycare (nursery schools) support for people towards their end of life, etc.
  • social policies - e.g. networking of different social actors,  disability insurance, prevention (drug addiction, violence, ...)
  • gender, family and society
  • childhood and youth
  • aging and old age
  • religion and ethics
  • occupational therapy

You can also call upon us to act as :

  • moderators
  • facilitators, particularly during round-table discussions
  • rapporteurs for research findings


If you need recommendations, interventions or help in the implementation of a programme: do not hesitate to contact us. Indeed, we can help you with :

  • Programme operationalisation  
  • Project implementation
  • Project monitoring


HETSL teachers are qualified to :

  • supervise diplomas, bachelors and thesis dissertations.
  • be a member of a thesis jury
  • be an expert in the assessment of memoires and theses.


You need information, you need reliable data, you need to know the right numbers? Please contact us.
In order to help you make the decisions, we offer :

  • field surveys
  • data collection
  • data analysis


You are looking for a competent person to provide supervision. We can offer you :

  • individual pedagogical supervision
  • group pedagogical supervision
  • professional supervision
  • team supervision; it is intended for an already composed work team that wishes to take a critical look at its professional performance


The HETSL teachers participate in :

  • scientific advice
  • scientific commissions, training commissions, advisory commissions, specialised commissions, etc.
  • support groups


The HETSL offers adapted and tailor-made training courses.
Not only does HETSL's Continuing Education Unit offer a range of courses, but we can also organise :

  • specific courses
  • professional development
  • coaching or support in specific areas


You are looking for partners to carry out an evaluation :

  • delivery, project, programme, social or health policies
  • the desirability, implementation, effects or consequences of introducing a new policy or programme

Our assessments can be prospective, summative or explanatory.


You are looking for partners who can help you:

  • advise or provide recommendations for a programme or project
  • participate in a working group or lead a brainstorming session
  • assess a research project