New Feminist Questions journal (NQF)

(Nouvelles Questions Fémininstes, NQF)

Founded in 1981 by Simone de Beauvoir, Christine Delphy, Claude Hennequin and Emmanuèle de Lesseps, NQF is the successor to the magazine “Questions Féministes” created in 1977. Since 2001, NQF has had a Franco-Swiss editorial board under the responsibility of Christine Delphy and Patricia Roux. This committee is currently made up of 24 women; their unwithering dedication stems from multiple disciplinary backgrounds (sociology, anthropology, political science, history, law, philosophy, economics, literature).

Published twice a year, NQF is edited in Lausanne by Editions Antipodes. In addition to paper issues (168 pages on average), it is also available online on JSTOR (except for the last few years) and on CAIRN (since the 2002 issues).

Since August 2018, NQF is hosted by the University of Social Work and Health Lausanne, within the Gender and Social Work Network (GeTS). For the previous 17 years, the journal was anchored at the LIEGE (Laboratoire interuniversitaire en Etudes Genre), then at the CEG (Centre en Etudes Genre) of the University of Lausanne. NQF is published with the financial support of these two universities. It has also benefited from the support of the Swiss University Conference Programme in Gender Studies for many years.

NQF was incorporated as an association in 2015, so as to be clearly independent of its host universities. In the same vein, it has had a new website since the summer of 2018.