The School of Social Work and Health Sciences Lausanne (HETSL), Member of the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (UASWS), is training future social and healthcare workers.

HETSL offers two Bachelor-level programs, in Social Work and in Occupational Therapy. It organizes the Masters-level training course in social work jointly with the other three sites offering Bachelor-level programs in Social Work within the UASWS.

The school includes an active Department of Continuing Education with an extensive range of post-graduate courses and professional specializations. In this way, HETSL contributes to meet the qualification requirements set by the educational circles, social, cultural and heath services.

Furthermore, in order to build scientific knowledge and to develop teaching programs, the school has an important social and health research laboratory (LaReSS). HETSL has been engaged in research at international levels since 2002 and has participated in various European projects. The research team has been involved in European and extra-European networks.


Constantly expanding its international activities, the EESP is currently partnered with a number of Universities and professional institutes in the fields of social work and health in Europe, the United States, Canada, South America, India, Singapore, Africa, Japan and China. For example, EESP participates in summer universities in Social Work. These offer students the opportunity to be exposed to different topics in the presence of international experts, to exchange professional experiences and to deepen their shared knowledge of more specific topics through workshops.

Various other events, such as “international week” and the active involvement of teaching and research staff in international conferences, offer new perspectives on social work and Health Sciences.


EESP aims to promote a true “culture of mobility” by encouraging both staff and students to be open to an international dimension.

Student exchanges in social work and student exchanges in occupational therapy include semester abroad and fieldwork to encourage the sharing of experiences, while providing exposure to other cultural realities and forms of social organization.

Staff exchanges in social work and occupational therapy include teaching abroad and receiving lectures from partner school in order to give an international dimension to our training program.