Mobility needs of older adults in Sweden and South Africa: promoting health and equitability- a collaboration project between researchers at Karolinska Institutet and Stellenbosch University (7381)

Début / Fin
01.01.2020 - 31.12.2022
Domaine(s) d'expertise
Théories et modèles en ergothérapie
Vieillesse, fin de vie, mort
Sources de financement
South Africa Sweden University Forum
Patomella Ann-Helen (Karolinska Institutet)
van Niekerk Lana (Stellenbosch University)
Kottorp Anders (Malmö University)
Fasloen Adams (University of the Witswaterstand-WITS)
Biljon Hester (Stellenbosch University)
Plastow Nicola Ann (Stellenbosch University)
Margot Cattin Isabel (HETSL)


Older adults - a vulnerable group in society - should have equal opportunities to stay connected to people and places important to them. Wellbeing is strongly related to equitable access to modes of community transport. Active participation in community activities is an important goal of age-friendly environments; however, this ideal has not been achieved.
The project aim will be to explore the mobility needs of older adults in Sweden and South Africa. The project has three goals a) to build collaboration between the countries, universities and organisations involved; b) to plan for a larger study; including grant writing; c) to support the learning of emerging scholars by involving them in all aspects of the project; thus building competencies.
Workshops and data collection will be arranged in Sweden and SA and will include stakeholders including NGOs, researchers and students levels. Data will be disseminated in written, interactive and social media formats.

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