Goal-phrasing in Swiss Occupational Therapy (7120)

Début / Fin
01.09.2010 - 31.10.2013
Domaine(s) d'expertise
Méthodes d'intervention en ergothérapie
Rééducation et réadaptation
Situations de handicaps, incapacités
Sources de financement
Commission pour la technologie et l’innovation CTI
Page Julie
Margot Cattin Isabel (HETSL)
Rossini-Drecq Emmanuelle
Galli Claudia
Meyer Sylvie (HETSL)


The importance of setting goals in rehabilitation has been acknowledged as an important part for recovery and has attracted growing attention over the last years. After conducting a secondary analysis of national wide collected data on therapy-goals of Swiss occupational therapists (OTs) several products like evidence based (further) education programmes and guidelines for practice in phrasing goals get developed and implemented. The broad purpose is optimized efficiency and effectiveness when offering an OT-intervention to the diverse OT-clientele.

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