An Occupational Perspective of Mobility

05 décembre 2016 au 07 décembre 2016
08:30 - 17:00


An international meeting organized by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland (HES-SO)

THE SEMINAR (morning)
The morning seminar is open to all (without announcement) researchers, students, clinicians and stakeholders interested in the theme of mobility transfer and self-management of mobility in people with disability including ageing. The seminar offers a change of perspective from assessing fitness-to-drive to maintaining quality of mobility in ageing and disability, and highlights issues around occupation-based mobility transitions.
8H30 | Welcome and coffee
9H00 | Opening speech
9H15 | Mobility – beyond fitness to drive, Ann-Helen Patomella
9H50 | Learning from the evidence: Examining the health and driving patterns of Canadian seniors, Brenda Vrkljan
10H25 | Pause
11H00 | Mobility transfer & Evaluating needs in mobility, Paul Vaucher & Isabel Margot-Cattin
11H35 | Driving towards the future: What are, and should we research? Carolyn Unsworth
12H15 | Closing speech
Attending the morning seminar is free and no inscription is required

THE THINK TANK (afternoon at 14H00)
The first afternoon is dedicated to put up the Mobile Initiative. Workshops will target setting up the framework, leadership between universities, initiative goals, and means of communication. The second day is dedicated to work on project outlines within the set strategy. Grant possibilities and priorities will be used to explore possible international collaborations. The think tank is limited to 30 participants, dedicated to build international research projects on mobility. For invitation to participate in the think tank, contact the organisers by e-mail ( or


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